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Much of my work explores the theme of the oppression of the masses by powerful elites and the attempts by the oppressed to challenge the injustices visited on them. The theme of impoverished people trying to assert their rights. This is still very applicable today, for example, I have photographed numerous protests and demonstrations as these represent ordinary people’s willingness to assert their rights. It is my wish to portray events through a metaphorical observation.

I also take photographs of  Live Music be it in a Nightclub or pub since the year 2000 when I moved to Brighton. I most probably go to gigs at least three times every month and I also take my camera with me.

Often I take photographs of Tibetan Buddhist masters teaching and I have  travelled  over the last few years as far away as Germany and Alsace on the French/German border and also Scotland where the first and largest Monastery and Tibetan centre in Europe was founded in the late 1960’s where I also lived for a number of years in order to receive teachings from eminent Lamas (a title like that given to a priest). I of course take my camera with me on all of these occasions and use the time to photograph the essence of Tibetan Buddhism in the best way I possibly could.




Buddha Dharma

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